Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 1 ~ Wilton Master Course

I survived day 1 of cake decorating - and I will have to say it was AMAZING!  I'm having such a great time and learning so much.  Definitely "exhausting", but soo worth it!

Class started at 7 am and I didn't get out until 6:45 pm.  I signed up for a 2nd class (Gum Paste) from 3:30 - 6:30 on Mon. - Thurs. this week - why not?  I'm already out here, so I might as well take advantage of as much learning as I can!  :)

The class is a great size - 14 students.  Very happy about this considering the max size is 24 students.  (I might need the extra 1-on-1 attention)  There are students not only from the US, but India, Nigeria, Korea, and Mexico.  (and I'm complaining about a 1 hr. time change and getting up early?!)  Darlene, get over it!!!  

Today we learned some of the basics in decorating: the star, rosette, vine, and leaf.  We each get our own station with everything we need - from tips to bags to even the Kitchenaide Mixer (we don't get to take the mixer home with us - darn!)  Here is my pic from practicing the techniques.  I think it's ok for day 1, right?   Things can only get better!  

By Fri. we have to come up with a design for a 3-tier wedding cake.   I'm not sure how that's going to fit into my 12 hr. days in class, but hopefully I will be able to dream up some great ideas!  So many things to decide.  The  only thing I have come up with so far is the fact I want to do "squares".   I've got a long way to go!  Here are some pics of some cakes done by students who have completed this course:

Gives me HOPE!

Well, off to bed .... 5:30 am is going to come early and I have to set up the coffee maker.  Wish me luck tomorrow!  I will keep you posted and hopefully I"ll have some more info on my wedding cake idea!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Made it to Lombard, IL

Here I am in Lombard, IL!  It was a long day, but I admit, things went extremely smooth.  I flew out on Jet Blue - what a great airline!  I should fly them more often. (oh...did I fail to tell you that I do I work for American?) 

Kim and I landed in O'Hare before 8 am. (UGH!)  Cab was there, early check-in - awesome!  They even let us partake in the breakfast when we arrived.  AND the hotel shares a lot with a Super Target - what more could you ask for?!   

We just had  wonderful dinner at "Buca di Beppo"(Italian if you couldn't guess)  with a glass of wine (or 2) and now it's time to call it a day.  Pick-up for class is 6:30 am.  I am posting  a pic of a few of the necessities I purchased today  - Caribou coffee to get me out of bed, Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc to end my day. (never know - I may need a glass)

Can't wait to tell you all about tomorrow!  Looks like an intro to cake decorating along with some "basic" techniques to start ~  Exciting!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Hi Everyone!  It's the day before I leave for "Cake Class" at the Wilton School - yayyy!  My flight is a bit on the early side ....6:30 am out of Boston.  I'll have to get used to "early" since class starts every morning at 7:00.  Yes, the first thing I packed was the travel coffee mug!  

I can't wait!  I'm feeling anxious and excited - like a little kid!  I have no idea what to expect.  What should I bring?  I guess as long as I have my credit card for all the shopping I"ll be doing at the Wilton store, I'm all set.   Maybe I'll just buy a few things each day so it won't seem like I'm spending a fortune???  I have an empty suitcase with a backpack in it... just in case I get a little crazy :)
Here is a pic of some books I"m packing, too, since I'll be looking for as much "inspiration" as I can get!

More when I get there - have a great weekend!  

Monday, April 23, 2012

Amanda Oakleaf's Buttercream Basics Class

ok... so I just got back from Amanda Oakleaf's in Winthrop, MA (  I got a Groupon for a decorating class and decided to use it before I headed to the Wilton School.  The class was "Buttercream Basics" and my friend Kim joined me. (oh, and Kim signed up to go to the Wilton School with me, too - yayy!!!)  We grabbed some dinner before class and the restaurant we went to didn't serve wine. (really???)  I think a glass or 2 would have helped my decorating :)  The class was 3 hrs. long.  We learned how to torte a cake and "crumb coat" it.  We learned how to make an AMAZING Italian Buttercream that they use on all their cakes.  We each did a small, 3-layer cake.  I think the hardest part was getting the buttercream smooth and even.  I am going to include a pic - I did take the pic when I got home - The frosting kinda got stuck to the box from the car ride.(excuses)   But I was happy with my color combos and my roses weren't too bad!  I am sharing this pic to display the beautiful buttercream frosting!  (please don't critique my decorating.......yet) And of course I had to TASTE it before I even took a pic!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


After days (make that 'years') of obsessing with the Wilton Cake Decorating Website ( , the time is almost here.  Just 1 week until I head to Chicago for the "Master Course"!  I'm making my list of what to bring.... I guess I have to sharpen my creativity!  The apron is packed and looks like comfortable clothes for the 2 weeks.  Yayyy!   I have no idea what to expect, but I'm so excited!  Here is my first crack at cake decorating from taking the basics Wilton class at my local Micheal's.  I don't think it's that bad.....ok,  lots of work to do!