Tuesday, May 22, 2012


It's been a week and a half since Wilton, and I've spent a lot of time "brainstorming".  I've done a little practice of decorating techniques at home, and I've studied our downstairs for possible "renovating".    I even contacted the Georgetown Board of Health about home kitchen requirements - I"m addicted!

I broke down and took another class - with Amanda Oakleaf (again)!  This time I signed up for something I never thought I'd give a chance:  FONDANT
Why do you ask that I"d never give it a chance?  I"m one of those people who believe nothing should be on a cake if it's not edible.  Fondant tastes horrible! No, really, it does.   So, why bother?  I'm trying to be more accepting.  It's huge in the cake world and if I want to ever get ahead, I need to learn how this technique  is done.  There are beautiful cakes out there with Fondant!!!    Brides LOVE fondant decorated cakes! 

Why Amanda Oakleaf's?  Her Cakery specializes in Fondant (amazing artists work there), and they only use something called Marshmallow Fondant which supposedly tastes much better.  Her staff recently met up with Duff from Ace of Cakes and he was even impressed with their fondant from what was said.  So what did I think?   Ok, it's "edible" .... still don't love it and I hate to leave anything uneaten on my cake plate :)  But it does taste better than other other one I've tried!

The class was great!  Tim and Julie who work with Amanda taught the class.  I had seen Tim on some you-tube videos on-line.  He has a great personality and it was nice to come home with a few recipes!  We learned how to make their signature "marshmallow fondant"(got recipe, too!) and then covered our small 3-tier cakes (with Itlalian Buttercream on them!!!).  It wasn't as difficult a process as I thought it would be.  Then we did some simple fondant decorations.  Of course you're waiting for some pics!  Here is the outcome:

                      Bottom pic -  my favorite!  Cutting in and enjoying the CAKE!!!

Not too bad!  They do offer a Part II class I may take where you make a 'tiered' fondant cake.   I still think I"m much better with buttercream, but I"m keeping an open mind and want to learn all there is to learn out in the cake world!

I will keep you posted on my downstairs renovations and where I'm going with the whole thing!  As for my "real" job at the moment... my vacation ends in a few days (so sad)...... and I'd rather stay home and make cakes  :)

Have great day!


  1. Hi Darlene,

    Wow! Are you going to make your downstairs into a cake shop? Great idea! You did great with fondant. I love the flowers.

    Glad you had a great vacation!

    1. Thanks, Mindy! My dream is to have a little cake studio downstairs - I"d love it!!!


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